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 Ай-Иночи - Oriental & Siamese cats
Siamese & Oriental Shorthair Cattery


Born: 01.06.12г.

Evr.Ch Сhanel Chance Sim-Sim, ORI n25

Gr.Int.Ch Сhanel Chance Sim-Sim*UA, ORI n25


Int.Ch. Ekstasia's Zsa-Zsa, SYS f 03

Ekstasia's Zsa-Zsa, SYS f 03

Frodo Ai-Inochi
male, SIA d21
(01.06.2012- 08.08.2012) Cause: invagination of the intestine: do not wake up after surgery. Forgive us, baby, you so want to live and fight for it until his last breath, and we did everything in our power to save you, but your strength and our hope was not enough .... My sunbeam, sleep on a cloud rainbow,you will remain forever in our hearts and memories ...

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