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 Ай-Иночи - Oriental & Siamese cats
Siamese & Oriental Shorthair Cattery
30.05.2015 Added new photos of kittens from litter "J" a

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Welcome to the web-site of "AI-INOCHI" Cattery!
My name is Larisa Trukhanova. I'm a breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats from Voronezh (Russia). I have been breeding Siamese and Oriental cats since 2003 under the "L-Stone" Cattery were I was a co-owner "L-Stone"
 Chingiskhan Ai-Inochi SIA n21

"L-Stone" Cattery were I was a co-owner. 2009 year I decided to register my own "AI-INOCHI" Cattery to provide quality care for my cats and best possible level of service to my customers.
I'm very passioned about my cats and treat them as they are members of my family. I believe that animals should not be kept in cages and that is why all of my cats are walking freely around the house, but indoors only, and not declawed.
I hope that you have enjoyed my site where you can find the kitten of your dreams. Thank you for visiting my website and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information. I'm looking forward to make a lot of new friends because after all every person who buys a kitten from us becomes a part of our "AI-INOCHI" family.
Larisa Trukhanova
e-mail: ;
8-910-242-92-46 (mob);
8-980-341-44-37 (mob);
8-4732-49-14-14 (home);
8-4732-77-84-76 (fax)


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